Apotelesmatics, Hephaistio of Thebes, Book II, trans., Robert H.Schmidt, Project Hindsight, Greek Track Vol. XV., The Golden Hind Press, 532 Washington Street, Cumberland MD 21502, 1998, paperback, 107 pp.

This is the second volume of Hephaistio’s astrological work to be published by Project Hindsight - Book 1 was published in 1994. Hephaistio’s work is an example of late classical astrology (he was born in 380 AD in Alexandria) and, while based heavily on Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos, appears to be an attempt to synthesise Ptolemy’s theories with those of Dorotheus of Sidon. The Apotelesmatics was influential in Byzantine astrology but does not seem to have had much impact on Arabic astrology. Robert Schmidt points out that Book II is organised along similar lines to Books II and IV of the Tetrabiblos, and covers such areas as conception, birth, gender, twins, injuries, ailments, the quality of soul, slaves, travel, death and the planetary time-lords.